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[26 Jul 2005|08:32am]
[ mood | blah ]

i cant wait til oct....ill be able to drive making everything in my life 20xs easier and better!! Ill get to see alex more!! : D Ill be able to get another job cuz the pool will be closed. ILl be bale ot workout more..which i really need to do!! And all around im going to just have freedom!!! HEll yes!! I cant wait!!!!
alysa <3

OCTOBER 25 Here I Come!!!

P.s....Laguna was AMAZING!! I love it! Im buying the first season this weekend!!


party [18 Jul 2005|05:24pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

going to kims tonight after softball practice and then shes dropping me off at softball practice on tues at 7pm and alex is kinda being weird...like i feel like hes going to dump me soon so that def is bumming me out so im hoping to go to kims and just drink and party and have a kick ass time to help get my mind off of it...ill prob call him tonight though just to say hey...cuz i love him to death...and he doesnt get home from NC til like Sat or Sun....gay...well i g2g...ill post pictures from kims when i get home from there..lol....Peace Out mOtha Fucka!!

alysa <3

P.s....if he does break up with me...im going to have to have a massive get together with Hayes(ofcourse), hannah, lelia, kim, holliwood, kelly hager, Sarah(if shes back from france), brely, ashley n, chris w, michelle w., josh(his counselor, kinda awkward but im like a daughter to him)....those are just a few off the top of my head...so be prepared..if u get a panicked phone call from me....thats why....


my livejournal looks bad.... [15 Jul 2005|09:52pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

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Help... [06 Jul 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

can someone pleez help me with my livejournal?¿? i dont know how to move the body of the text..lol


the rules [06 Jul 2005|12:25pm]
[ mood | Missing Him ]


Guys:Put your hands around her waist firmly
girls: lay your headback on his shoulder and put your arms on his.

Guys:whisper in her ear
Girls: giggle

Girls:whenever he tries to kiss you, don't just let him, kiss him back.

Girls: When you want to cuddle with him, tell him you're cold
Guys: automatically move closer to her. (if your stupid then you'll either say" me too " or you'll give her your jacket... don't)

Girls: During a movie, if he puts his arm around you, tilt your head on his shoulder
Guys: lift her chin up and kiss her.

Guys: When she tells you she loves you, look deep into her eyes, give her a peck on the lips, and tell her you love her too... and mean it.

Girls:When you're both laying under the stars, put yourhead on his chest and close your eyes as you listen to his steady heart beat
Guys: whisper in her ear and link your hands with hers.


Great Day [01 Jul 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | Shreek~ish ]

I love alex...........

|4| Sunshine♥|

Pix From Sarahs!! [22 Jun 2005|07:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Can You Say....WASTED?!?!?!Collapse )

|1| Sunshine♥|

Quick Summary .... [22 Jun 2005|06:01pm]
[ mood | loved ]

well no one ever comments in here so i kinda stopped using it but im going to try to use it more now just for the hell of it!! lmao...well camp was flippin awesome! And yesterday i hung out with Sarah and ALEX! Love him! And shes like ny lil sister!! And i had my first three way kiss!! :) lol...and i ot comp wasted...the most wasted ive ever been IN MY LIFE!! lol...well i feel alrite now....so im going to go!! Love yall!! Muah!!!
alysa <3


using my xanga more now.... [23 May 2005|07:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]

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....zzzzZZZZ [08 Apr 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Hey again!! Well like always me and mommy went shopping again!! Today we went to Northpoint Mall in Alpharetta, Ga to do our shopping...well first we went to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory!! OMG!!!!I loooooooveee that place!!!!:happy: hmmmm..but me and mom we're soooo full that we couldnt eat ne~cheesecake....:sad: So then we went to the mall and started shopping...i wanted this really cuuuuute outfit from HOllister but my mom said she doesnt like jeans like these and that i have too many navy shirts..(i only have three)

So instead i just got this lil tank top...

Then we went to A&F but like usual i didnt find ne~thing that i wanted..translation..i didnt find ne~thing i felt like spending ALLLLLLL of my money on...:happy:..lol....Well then we went to AE and my mom had promised to get me this jacket but last weekend Towncenter didnt have my size so we went to this one and got it..and i also got this brown shirt cuz i thought it was just a simple classic shirt...

Then mommy told me to drive to the Cheesecake Factory again and told me to run in and get a slice of cheesecake!!! :laughing: :laughing:mmmmm it was sooooooo good!! Then we couldnt eat ne~thing for a looooooong time!!LOL!! :silly: Well now im home and really bored..ill probably lay in bed and watch a movie or something for the rest of the night!! Ill ttyl...text me ne~time!! Love yall!!!! :kiss:
alysa <3

"Pray that it's raining on Sunday, Storming like crazy. We'll hide under the covers all afternoon"
"here's the thing, we started out friends. It was cool, but it was all pretend.."


im soo bored!!! [01 Apr 2005|04:48pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well today has been ok...very tiring, but okay...in first we made s'mores....mmmm....those are really really gooooood!! lol....and well its now officially spring break!!! Score!!LOL! Well im just staying home ne~wayz so yeah....wel im goign to go to sleep ..lol...love you...
alysa <3

This is only a survey...lol..Collapse )

|1| Sunshine♥|

WoWzErZ! [19 Mar 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | busy ]

wow i havent updated this in a LONG TIME!! Well i have been very sick for the last like week or something. Monday i stayed home sick, and Mattie was home from school too so we talked on the phone for like 2 hours about...camp, his big head, buying camp.....james and michelle.....ryan.....mountain dew....BJ....ummmmm Hayes's sister....and some other very very random topics!!! But they always led back to how much we missed camp!! !LOL!!! well i do actually feel better now and im going out to see Hitch tonight wiht benny ben ben!! LOL!! We've doing pretty good i guess.... we had our 2 months ann. yesterdaY!! I also saw Dracula last niht at schol!!! It was soooooo FLIPPIN AWESOME!!! AHHH! i loved it!! I wish i oculd o see it again with chris tonight!! BUT im goign to see Hitch with benjamin!!! Well i must go try to get all pretty now cuz im finally meeting bens mommy!!(she scares the crap out of me!! ) LOL!! Love yall bunchez!!!!
alysa 3> (lol) (its backwards, lol)

P.s. What should i name my black kitten im getting?¿? lol

|3| Sunshine♥|

PIX!!!! [07 Mar 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | content ]

Pix of my FAVE Camp ppl!! LOL!!Collapse )

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YAY!! [01 Mar 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | IWUINUOBOB ]


*A Few of my FAVE Ppl*Collapse )

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Grrr [21 Feb 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

omg!!!! you know what i really hate!!!! (and i dont hate many things.)
I hate people!!! But only a few!!! One in particular is really becoming annoyin!!!!!!! I didnt do ne~thing to you, but you hate me and say hurtful things!!!! And i've been brushing them off but im effin sick of it!!!!! Back off!!! Move on with your own stupid life and stay out of mine!!! I dont care if y'all are friends, but that doesnt mean you have to talk crap about me!!! Im really sick of it!!! I've never said ne~thing bad about you, ive felt sorry for you and ive always been like...oh no i dont not like her... But guess what.....NOW I DO!!!!!! grrrrrrrr.....im out...bye y'all

~alysa <3



Life In General [18 Feb 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | ahhh ]

hmmmmmm....life is pretty good right now......yester day was my !!!!!!!
Thats right biatch!!!LOL!! :silly: im so dumb...lol.....well chris wrote me a very thought provoking letter (band tee shirts to popping collars, lol) and he gave me a dollar to get my usuall slushie! And i finished it in front of him!!!!
Then from the love of my life, he he.. i got a new hello kitty pilllow because my old one is hidieous!!LOL! :laughing: and wrote me a very sweet message in my card!! And plus i ot an oober awesome homemade card form Gil, Hannah and keri....thnx lotz guyrs!!!!! Well my party is Sunday!! YAY!!! cant wait....and yes i am having another hotel party!! BUT this one has an indoor pool!!! Kick mjor butt!LOL!! Oh yeah (fat ppl and pools usually have bad blood, lol, lol) :laughing: good times good times!!! Well i had a lil mishap earlier this week but tis all good!!!! And i have loads of money now!! Score!!lol.....ummm and today Sophmores won the spirit stick ofcourse!!LOL!!! :laughing:
Well i much be off!!! Love yall bunchez!!! love you!! kiss kiss
alysa <3

|1| Sunshine♥|

V~Day Dance!!! [13 Feb 2005|11:41am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

V~Day Pix!!!Collapse )
Good nite!!!!

|3| Sunshine♥|

Good day..one bad thing..lol [11 Feb 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | need sleep ]

Today was a good day...i got a rose from the love of my life...yay...its kinda dead already though...lol...:sad:....oh wel....its the thought that counts....i get to see him tomorrow at the dance...:laughing:...yay...i get to go shopping for a dress tom and pull a Briely ... lol.. love ya briely...lol.....well today for lunch they were out of Milk Choc. Chunk Cookies...so i thouht i'd be healthy and get a nice salad and put ranch dressing on it....WELL...it took me ten mins to find the ranch dressing, then i found it was empty...grr...:blah:....well then i go back ot the table and start eating a plain salad...talk about nasty...well tommy comes over and is like why dont u put dressing on it..and i said cuz there is none...so he gets up and comes back with the whole bottle of French dressing..lol..ive never had french so i had it cuz it was better than nothing..and it was ok..UNTIL Tommy decided to squirt a ton of it all of the center of my salad whoch totally ruined it...so i had to stop eating it and me and him then just played with the bottle pretending like we were gonna squirt it on each other...lol...good times...well yeah....so im really tired..and i really need to get ready for Kelly R's party tonight..hope i can stay awake..lol..jk....well ttyl...LOVE YOU BENNY!!!!!
alysa <3

I've found him....yay!!!


[10 Feb 2005|07:32am]



School [09 Feb 2005|05:05pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey im at school with ben!!!! And im really bored.....tennis practice just ended and it was useless!! We ran around the school and jump~roped in the hall...lol.....well idk how i did on a alg 2 test today!! I hope i did good!!! Well i g2g...love you

alysa <3

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